Fornessi was established in 2016 when Angelika welcomed the second baby into her family. Chasing a toddler and caring for a newborn is a tough feat!

A baby wrap is an incredible way of holding your baby close and safe whilst conquering the world. Baby wearing is not only a long-standing practice, its also a simple way of bringing you closer to your baby. The Fornessi range makes it practical, safe, easy and enjoyable!

Baby wearing in a wrap provides amazing comfort for you and your little one. Your comfort comes not only from the lightness of the fabric (meaning that neither you, nor your baby will sweat in it, even in warm weather) but also from the even weight distribution. If tied correctly, the straps will distribute the weight evenly across your back. No pressure points, no backache, comfortable baby wearing.

Babies comfort comes from the proper support they get for their back, legs, hips as well as the head. It is very important to help your baby keep their chin off their chest (to ensure the air passages are free), especially in the early weeks and months. You can use the straps of the Carry Me to gently tuck your babies’ head in. That way they get proper head support and their airways stay clear.

Fornessi test, test and test again to make sure the Carry Me baby wrap is comfortable to wear. They’ve got the perfect balance between the required strength and stretch. The softness of the fabric and environmental sustainability are also overriding principles of these wraps.

There are a lot of different baby carriers out there, but very few can offer the closeness and proximity that your baby wants. To your little one the world is a new and strange experience. By carrying your precious one in a Carry Me baby wrap you are providing a safe heaven, from which they can explore the world feeling secure.

These Carry Me baby wraps secure your baby so close to your body that, not only can your baby smell you, but they can also hear your heartbeat, feel you touching them as you go about your day and hear your voice as you talk.

Happy baby wearing in style!

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