Boo Chew

Boo Chew design stylish, baby safe accessories for Mama to wear and Boo to chew.

Becks, the Mama and founder behind Boo Chew, has always been a believer in the power of an accessory, especially the statement necklace, making her jeans and t-shirt ensemble acceptable office attire.

She couldn’t accept that just because she was a mother, she had to wave goodbye to her fashion saviour! It was clear that her cheap, metal necklaces were just not safe for Noah, her son, to grab – they scratched, small parts could fall off and had the potential to break when those teeny hands got to them. Fast forward a few months when teething hit and say hello to Boo Chew – the perfect hybrid of a stylish, outfit making accessory and functional teether for the Boo.


Made from baby-proof materials, mothers can rest at ease knowing Boo Chew’s necklaces are:
  • a great distraction for little hands to play with whilst breastfeeding or even just having a coffee with friends
  • soft and safe for babies to chew on while teething
  • make the mum uniform look all that more put together


And all their necklaces are handmade and designed in the UK. So if you’re looking for on-trend teething jewellery, take a look at our gorgeous range of super stylish Boo Chew products.

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