Bon + Bear

Bon + Bear was established in 2020 by MJ after she welcomed her own little bear into the world.

After a difficult start to motherhood and an uphill battle to her own feeding journey, MJ wanted to make it easier for new mamas and make sure you feel supported wherever (and however) you choose to nurse.

The Bon + Bear feeding wraps have been designed to feel modern, easy to use and provide total privacy when breastfeeding/pumping but also a comfortable, adjustable fit. The design meant MJ could nurse in whatever she wanted to wear, not detract from her own style and make her feel more ‘me’ – because comforting your baby and boosting your confidence shouldn’t be a compromise!

We hope you love the gorgeous leopard print nursing wraps which help you feel stylish whilst also being super practical. The Maine wrap is a 3-in-1 wrap to make the switch from skin-to-skin, nursing and carrying as seamless as possible. Enjoy!

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