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Hello and welcome to For the Love of Mum. We are a beautifully curated online shop selling super stylish products for Mums to use in pregnancy and with baby.


I founded For the Love of Mum in 2017, shortly after the birth of our third baby. Pregnancy and early motherhood is such an incredible experience. The wonder and awe of what our bodies can create and sustain is truly overwhelming. The power of womanhood is huge and the miracle of new life is mind blowing.

But it also takes a huge toll. The physical and emotional rollercoaster can never be underestimated and affects every aspect of our lives. However magical this period of life is, its also hugely disruptive. The ground shaking changes can often come as a surprise, especially the first time!

With three babies under five, it’s taken me a long time to fully understand my new life as a Mother and to embrace it, for all its brilliance and madness! But I’ve also learnt the importance of defining your own space, of retaining your own independent identity and remembering the individual within you, beyond motherhood.

At a time when you have very little control over your body, your time, your sleep, surrounding yourself with practical products that also reflect your pre-motherhood style can be hugely empowering.

So whilst sitting on the sofa after a long night of breastfeeding, I decided to create For the Love of Mum. Because it’s all about the love of a Mother – nothing can touch that – but it’s also about YOU. Let’s empower Mothers to retain their independence whilst also loving and nurturing their growing families.

Every product we stock has been tried and tested by me. Firstly the products must be PRACTICAL and make every day mothering life as easy as possible. Secondly they must be STYLISH. They must look great, feel great and give you the confidence to hold your head high.

You are awesome. Your body is incredible. Your baby is a miracle.

This boutique is about YOU. Let’s show our children that we are strong women as well as strong mothers.

I really hope you enjoy exploring For the Love of Mum and discover some baby gear that you just can’t live without!

Vicki xx

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